About Us

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Juliet’s Roses is a family-owned and operated company that offers unique, curated arrangements of preserved roses. Since early 2019, we have delivered hundreds of memorable moments to satisfied customers around the world. Each preserved rose from Juliet’s has been handpicked and imported due to their voluptuous bloom, rich color, and overall freshness to ensure that you’re getting the best possible product. 

Behind Juliet’s Roses is florist Julie DeLucia, a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. Julie always admired and appreciated the brilliance of fresh roses. After years of receiving breathtaking floral arrangements from her husband only to watch them wither and die, Julie yearned for a way to hold onto these memories for much longer than the prescribed week you have with live roses. In her search for preserved roses, she was utterly disappointed with the quality and selection offered by larger preserved rose companies. Colors were dull, roses weren’t fresh, and they only lasted a few months even though they were advertised as eternal.

Thus, Juliet’s Roses was born. Our proprietary rose preservation solution is non-toxic and specially designed to keep your preserved rose box fresh for up to 3 years. Each colored rose has been treated with high-quality color pigmentation to maintain bold, bright shades longer. Highlighted in each of our collections are luxury velvet containers and clear display cases to keep your roses fresh and add a luxury look to any room. At Juliet’s Roses, we’re pleased to offer affordable, luxury preserved roses that are sure to promote smiles for years to come.